The characteristics and application of miniature electric ball valve for electric ball valve


Micro electric valve is our company is an ultra small electric valve actuator and valve body design, greatly reduce the size and provide convenience for use in instrument and equipment on the small. Applied to a variety of installation size and volume of the larger restrictions on the process. Widely used in air conditioning systems, fire systems, water treatment systems, pipe blowing, analysis instruments, smoke sampling and other industrial process control.

Features of miniature electric actuator:

1 、 miniature electric ball actuator shell adopts all aluminum alloy shell, better protection and weather resistance.

2, the actuator is divided into standard type, straight installation type, easy to choose.

3, super small shape, reliable performance, large output torque, long service life (5~10 times)

4, small size, height less than 120mm, weight 1.2Kg, convenient installation of the pipe angle, applicable to a variety of complex pipelines, operating conditions.

5, electrical limit and mechanical integration design, accurate positioning, high consistency, the actuator may stop running.

6, 0-360 degrees angle arbitrary assembly, to facilitate the allocation of space needs.

7, adapter valve: DN50 and below caliber soft sealing butterfly valve

DN40 and below caliber double order ball valve

DN32 and soft sealing ball valve with the following caliber

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