Introduction and application of structural characteristics and characteristics of V notch ball valve


The V notch ball rotary control valve is structurally similar to a ball valve, and the different part is that the fluid cut-off element is fan shaped part of the ball. A throttling contour design with a V notch formed on a sphere. V shape ball globe rotary control valve is a general purpose control valve. Its straight through structure design has smooth flow path and small flow resistance. The pressure drop is small and the discharge coefficient is larger. It can reduce energy consumption and be economical and applicable.

V type ball valve fluid control incision slurry suitable for washing or viscous fluid, or other solid or mixed pulp containing fibers. Its unique flow path design results in approximately equal percentage flow characteristics. The adjustable ratio is greater than 300:1. It has two bit logic on and off control functions, and the control function is strong. It is widely used in paper making industry, chemical plant, sewage treatment plant, power industry and petrochemical refining plant.

The spheres rotate and turn off when they produce shear effects that overcome particle fiber adhesion. Ensure good performance and reliability of cutting and sealing. Valve body can be equipped with heavy load or filling PTFE composite ball sealing ring. Its standard flange connection end has no flange connection end and has the flange connection end two forms. Flanged or flanged valves can be paired with ANSI150, 300 or 600 flanges or DIN standard flanges. Flange less end, valve body is light and small, with flange connection end, valve body load capacity.

V shape ball globe rotary control valve has a breakthrough design in flow characteristic control. Cut the V shaped orifice into 15 degrees, 30 degrees, 60 degrees, 90 degrees, and so on. It is convenient to correct the inherent flow characteristics and enlarges the application range.

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