What is the function of the intelligent electric control valve?


1, P1 regulation

When the intelligent control valve by adjusting the PI to accept the transmitter signal when the first microcomputer compare transmitter signal and reference signal, and calculate the PI parameters according to rules set in advance, and then send control signals to the actuators, and regulating valve, until the signal balance so far. Intelligent electric valve PI adjustment function, is a low cost, sampling control system with good performance, do not need to use the conventional PID controller, and directly accept the signal transmitter site, complete simulation of continuous control system to complete the work. Some of the industrial object lags long (such as temperature control furnace), which will cause the system error and slow action, the use of microcomputer sampling and control, can improve the control performance of low pass.

Intelligent electric control valve

2. corrected flow characteristics

When the intelligent control valve flow characteristic correction, micro computer servo amplifier, to calculate the signal according to the parameters set in advance, so that the input signal and valve displacement reaches the required digital function, nonlinear adjustment, which makes the choice and change of flow characteristics becomes simple, easy to control, the the system is very important. The method of changing the flow characteristics by changing the shape of the spool or changing the shape of the cam appears to be lagging behind. Moreover, such as butterfly valve angle stroke valve, you can not change the shape of the spool shape to change flow characteristics. The use of an intelligent actuator can completely change this situation because it is already an intelligent butterfly valve. Changes in traffic characteristics that can be achieved include: percentage, standard line, standard line, percentage; fast open - standard line; quick open equal percentage; parabola - standard line; parabola - etc.. 3, other functions

Such as positive and reverse mode change, fault location indication, diagnosis and alarm, electric brake, self-locking and so on.

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