Jiangsu valve industry generally rebound phenomenon


In the visit, each to a spot, see, hear and business leaders in the exchange of what one sees and hears felt production and marketing enterprises, are busy, not only received orders, and production is also busy, some enterprises have been working overtime to delivery; some have lasted more than two months of overtime, payable the order demand external demand soared, the external orders come under orders to undertake orders in bidding, bid rate is high, delivery time is urgent, orders also increased, orders are mass, market orders to focus on brand enterprises and backbone enterprises. In particular, several foreign trade companies is changed in order to jump, a shortage of orders, reduce the volume of production; several API6A products business orders is full, or to the end of April has been completed in the first half of last year sales.

It is understood that affected by domestic economic adjustment, the national development and investment in urbanization, petroleum and petrochemical industry related projects, the recent trend of the valve industry, the emergence of a new round of growth, in order to undertake, bidding, bid orders come under a single, multi user supporting partners, enterprises with external marketing single, internal in overtime to catch the goods, users rush delivery, the first half of this year, the basic task is full, some goods are considered in order to catch the two class of orders delivery. Especially business leaders are busy in dealing with affairs, and some have been running orders outside. The enterprise is the production and sale of abnormal pick up, busy, the results indicate that the valve industry economy experienced a decline in growth and production two years ago, emerging industry growth rebound, the good situation of a new round of growth to pick up growth.

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